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Fight Night at the Arena

05/07/08 - 0 comments

On the 27th of July the Arena nightclub will be having a fight or two on the premises as it hosts the second Strength and Honour mixed martial arts (MMA) Fight Night.

The event will feature fights ranging from amateur, semi-pro and full professional rules. It'll be a mixture of muay-thai, cage fighting, kick-boxing and jui-jitsu, or to you and me, a load of mahoosive blokes kicking 7 bells of crap out of each other.

Let's be clear though, we're not taking the piss out of these guys. We'd be scared to.

So if you fancy watching more professional fighting than the usual drunken brawling the Arena attracts then tickets are available from:

The Lions Den - Their training centre
15 Pound Lane, Exmouth, EX8 4NP or call 01395 268100

Solo Records
22a Market Arcade, Guildhall, Exeter, EX4 3HW or call 01392 496564

Arena Nightclub
1 Summerland Street, Exeter, EX1 2AZ of call 01392 491419

More information (Facebook login required)

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